Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sea Change

After more than a year of dreaming, planning, designing, redesigning and jumping through a million regulatory hoops, our builder and his team swung into action this week. Our block has been sculpted ready for building. I just want to go down there and sit in the sun and breathe deeply.

The photo-project has begun with about one hundred photos of bob-cats and other machines that can effortlessly rip out trees and stumps! My husband has never really outgrown the Tonka trucks phase so he had a ball documenting the transformation of a bush block to a building site.

In the absence of the tea-tree canopy, we have a better picture of the view we’ll have out over the farmland to the far horizon. I’m even loving the galvanized tin shed which borders the rear of our property! Initially I thought it was an eyesore, but its patchwork of rusted panels is so quintessentially Australian, I see it now as a work of art in our own backyard!  I’m excited about getting to know our new equine neighbours, by the fact that our solar panels will soon be converting the sun into electricity for our home and I’ve already worked out where to plant the elegant and fragrant eucalyptus citriodora sapling that took root conveniently, in a pot plant in our city backyard last summer.

So for a while this blog will lose its Swedish flavour and take on the salty taste of the Australian coast because I’ll be here, not there…choosing tiles and paint colours instead of meatballs and vodka.

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  1. I've had a building site opposite my office window for over a year - and the blokes on the other side of the building used to come over and look out nostalgically for their lost tonka-truck, bob-the-builder past. May the smell of diesel mingle nicely with the fragrance of freshly-turned soil for a while, and may the project run on time, though in all my years of listening to owner-builder or owner-renovator stories, this has only happened once - good luck!